Our Bioactivator line “Bioactive” are compounds of amino acids and peptides of low molecular weight. They are obtained by natural ezymatic hydrolysis of Non-GMO vegetal proteins. Those processes happen at low temperatures in order to preserve the natural precursor needed by the plant for its metabolism. You can choose between the following finished products:

  • VitaRoot –  bioactivator for rhizogenesis
  • VitaGrow –  bioactivator pre florescence
  • VitaMare –  bioactivator for growing and ripeness
  • VitaLix – organic activator and anioxidant
  • VitaPlus – activator and  catalyser for ripeness and growing
  • VitaBoost – activator and precursor of fruit coloring
  • Promax Vital – bioactivator for foliation and root generation (wettable powder)
  • Promax Gel – bioactivator for foliation and root generation (as gel)
  • VitaGrow Foliar – bioactivator NPK (nitrogen, phosphor, potassium)
  • VitaGrow Complex – bioactivator enriched in vegetal amino acids
  • VitaGrow Terra – bioactivator for application at the root

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