Our Nutrients “Vitafert” are bio-encapsulated cations, protected inside an shell of biological active tri- end tetra-peptides in order to obtain a more efficient penetration of those micronutrients into the plants. You can choose between the following finished products:

  • Kaligro –  bioencapsulated and acidulated potassium
  • Vitafert Boro – bioenapsulated boron corrector
  • Vitafert Calcio – bioencapsulated calcium corrector
  • Vitafert ZiMa –  bioencapsulated zinc and magnesium corrector
  • Vitafert Mg – bioencapsulated magnesium corrector
  • Vitafert Mn – bioencapsulated manganese corrector
  • Vitafert Zn – bioencapsulated zinc corrector
  • Vitafert 19-6-7 – bioencapsulated NPK for germination in spring (nitrogen, phosphor, potassium)
  • Vitafert 10-5-19 – bioencapsulated NPK for maturation (nitrogen, phosphor, potassium)
  • Actifruit – bioencapsulated molybdenum and NPK for growing and ripeness
  • Green Terra – organic, liquid and soluble recipe of macro and micronutrients

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