Entirely clear product

One of the recent innovations we have developed is the infusion of water-based drinks with a source of protein to create an entirely clear product. The vast majority of protein-based drinks currently on the market are shakes or smoothies which are rarely clear or water-based, and don’t always lend themselves well to fruit flavors.

Usually consumed post-workout, traditional protein drinks generally lack the thirst-quenching appeal of a juice drink. We managed to produce a powder that gives the consumer a protein hit whilst offering a refreshing taste, all contained within a clear water-based solution.

Furthermore we develop protein blending with free amino acids  when a specific profile of amino acid profile  or a PDCAAS 100% is required.

100% Vegetal Final Products

Using a mix of our different vegetal proteins (rice and pea) or their hydrolisates, we have developed a final product for sports nutrition which offers a complete amino acids profile with a very good texture and an extraordinary flavor.

As an alternative to the traditional sports shakes, this product is suitable for everybody due to its characteristics non allergen, non gmo, non gluten, non intolerances, Halal, Kosher, vegetarian and vegan.

You can taste it in different flavors, including chocolate, vanilla and coffee.

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