OryzaPro V80, new rice protein concentrate

on 19/02/2019

Pevesa Biotech has developed a new rice protein concentrate 80% protein for extrusion applications. It is a vegan, non-allergenic and GMO-free ingredient compatible for almost any solid matrix. Please contact us at for more information.

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OryzaPro V80, new rice protein concentrate

Havero Hoogwegt and Pevesa Biotech, join forces on Whey Protein Hydrolysates

on 05/02/2019

Havero Hoogwegt, a leading independent supplier of specialized dairy proteins and tailor-made dairy-based ingredients, headquartered in the Netherlands today announced to have entered a strategic partnership with the Spanish based protein hydrolysate manufacturer Pevesa Biotech.  Whereas Pevesa Biotech will focus on the production of the whey protein hydrolysates, Havero Hoogwegt will be responsible for the global distribution of their whey protein hydrolysates in sports nutrition.

Welcoming the announcement, Iñaki Mielgo CEO of Pevesa Biotech said: “Because of today’s announcement of global collaboration between Pevesa Biotech and Havero Hoogwegt, we believe we can further grow. By partnering with a global partner like Havero Hoogwegt we can remain focused on what we are good at: the production of high valued whey protein hydrolysates.

Freek-Jan van der Puijl, managing director of Havero Hoogwegt, added: “In recent years we established stable supply of dairy proteins from reputable suppliers. By securing proteins from various dairy-producing regions, we guarantee our customers uninterrupted supply and reliable, on-time delivery. We believe that by entering this strategic partnership with Pevesa Biotech, our company gains access to high-quality whey protein hydrolysates. And therefore we can create additional  value for our customers through offering an enhanced product portfolio of high(-end) protein products.”

For further information, please contact:

Freek-Jan van der Puijl, Havero Hoogwegt – / Tel: +31 26 3228520
Iñaki Mielgo, Pevesa Biotech – / Tel: +34 9 55 94 60 24


About Havero Hoogwegt

Havero Hoogwegt is a leading independent supplier of specialized dairy proteins and tailor-made dairy-based ingredients. As the leading partner in protein solutions, we offer a variety of functional products as well as value-added services to help our customers in the food industry succeed.

Our customers conduct business in a range of food and beverage industries, including sports nutrition, yogurt, confectionary, bakery, savory, milk beverages, ice cream, and processed cheese manufacturing.

Developing Products

In our state-of-the-art applications laboratory, we test the physical, chemical, microbiological, and functional properties of different dairy proteins and develop solutions that e meet the needs of our customers.

Adding Vision and Value

In addition, we add vision and value through our services. The Hoogwegt Group conducts business in more than 130 countries and market 2 million metric tons of dairy products worldwide annually. By being part of the Hoogwegt Group, it provides us with an incredible amount of proprietary market information that we readily share with our partners.


About Pevesa

Pevesa is a biotechnology-based company, with expertise in enzymatic technology for plant-based proteins extraction and production of proteins hydrolysates for life science applications

With our own Facility using the state-of-the-art technology we can provide to our customer a full range of special proteins and hydrolysates to achieve the perfect fit into their applications and markets.

We have true passion in what we do, and this allows us to provide consistently premium quality, reliable and safe proteins-based ingredients.

Havero Hoogwegt and Pevesa Biotech, join forces on Whey Protein Hydrolysates

Food Start Tech Summit

on 17/12/2018

Pevesa Biotech, led by Jonatan Ruiz Calero (Process, Development and Innovation Engineer), has participated in the “Food Start Tech Summit”, a conference organized by the National Center for Food Technology and Safety (CNTA).

Pevesa has highlighted the company’s effort in R + D + i and the importance of sustainable development.

In addition, one of the key points for the future of the food industry according to CNTA is the development of alternative proteins to those of animal origin.

Food Start Tech Summit

Pevesa Biotech participates in the healthy ingredients fair HiE 2018

on 10/12/2018

Pevesa Biotech has participated again in the Heath Ingredients Europe fair (Frankfurt). On this occasion, new sources of vegetable protein (chickpea, lentil and hemp) as well as functional hydrolyzed proteins have been presented.

Thank you very much to all who have visited us, see you again in France (FiE 2019).

Pevesa Biotech participates in the healthy ingredients fair HiE 2018

NOP Organic Certification

on 11/10/2018

Pevesa Biotech has certified its vegetable proteins, isolated and hydrolyzed according to the National Organic Program (NOP) in EEUU. In this way Pevesa seeks to develop even more in a growing market for the company. Pevesa, thus consolidates its international relations in organic production.

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NOP Organic Certification

HydroRice® Infant and clinical nutrition solutions

on 06/09/2018

Benefits of HydroRice range of products are described in the attached brochure. Pevesa has developed easy to digest hydrolyzed rice proteins. These ingredients are designed for allergy and intolerance issues in babies and also for special clinic formulas.

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HydroRice® Infant and clinical nutrition solutions

Fast absorption proteins

on 20/07/2018

Fast absorption protein hydrolysates (VitalPep line) are described in the next presentation. These fast absorption proteins are designed to facilitate muscle recovery and maximize sports performance.

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Fast absorption proteins

Innovation in Food Technology article

on 09/01/2018

Pevesa Biotech SA participates in the famous magazine “Innovation in Food Technology”, November edition with an article that summarizes vegetable proteins application, as well as their properties. Besides, hydrolyzed vegetable protein for sport nutrition and baby food are specially mentioned.

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Innovation in Food Technology article


on 19/12/2017

Pevesa Biotech attends, for third consecutive time to the most important ingredients fair of Europe: Food Ingredients Europe (FIE). This time, Pevesa has presented a new product line that includes organic rice and pea proteins (isolates and hydrolysates).